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At Petit Hotel de Riu, we strive to provide you with an unparalleled experience during your stay. Our hotel has convenient parking throughout the area for your convenience. Enjoy an exquisite gastronomic experience in our elegant restaurant, where you can savor the best of local cuisine. All our rooms are equipped with modern air conditioning and heating systems, ensuring your comfort in any season. Additionally, we offer internet connection so you can stay connected at all times. Our goal is to make your visit as pleasant as possible, providing you with all the necessary services for a memorable stay.
The restaurant El Racó de Riu stands as a culinary gem, providing you with an unparalleled gastronomic experience in the heart of our privileged environment. With a careful selection of fresh and local ingredients, our expert chef blends creativity and tradition to offer dishes that will delight even the most discerning palates.

Discover a meticulously crafted menu that celebrates the authentic flavors of the region, highlighting the diversity and richness of local gastronomy. Additionally, our experienced sommelier will be delighted to guide you through a selection of exceptional wines, perfectly complementing each dish and elevating your gastronomic experience to a higher level.

At El Racó de Riu, the passion for quality cuisine merges with the warmth of our service, creating an atmosphere where each bite becomes a unique experience. Allow our restaurant to be the stage where authentic flavors and elegance meet to provide you with unforgettable moments during your stay at our Petit Hotel de Riu.

Where is Petit Hotel de Riu located?

Petit Hotel de Riu is located in the heart of the Cerdanya region, in an idyllic village called Riu de Cerdanya.

  • Crt. de Bellver a Riu, 2, 25721 Riu de Cedanya, Lleida
  • +34 973510511

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