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Hundreds of activities in La Cerdanya, with hiking trails and ski slopes very close to a spectacular location.

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Strategically located just minutes from the ski slopes, our hotel stands as the perfect refuge for nature lovers and activity enthusiasts in La Cerdanya. With easy access to the region’s ski slopes, our guests can enjoy the thrill of gliding down the white slopes and experience the majesty of La Cerdanya in its winter splendor.

In addition to proximity to the ski slopes, our Petit Hotel offers privileged access to a diverse network of hiking trails that weave through the picturesque landscapes of La Cerdanya. Our visitors have the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the region, from lush forests to alpine meadows, allowing for an intimate connection with the serenity and grandeur of nature.

For those seeking a more active experience, our hiking trails offer rewarding challenges and spectacular views. The well-marked and varied trails cater to different skill levels and preferences, ensuring that both novice hikers and experienced adventurers find routes that meet their needs and expectations.

La Cerdanya, a mountainous region located between Spain and France, offers an impressive natural environment that is perfect for hiking. With a diverse topography that includes mountain peaks, alpine meadows, lush forests, and charming valleys, La Cerdanya presents itself as a paradise for hiking enthusiasts.

There are many hiking trails in the region, suited for all skill levels and preferences.

Where is Petit Hotel de Riu located?

Petit Hotel de Riu is located in the heart of the Cerdanya region, in an idyllic village called Riu de Cerdanya.

  • Crt. de Bellver a Riu, 2, 25721 Riu de Cedanya, Lleida
  • +34 973510511
  • info@petithotelderiu.com

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